Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Magic Hen!

There is an excellent story behind this picture, really. It involves a magic hen and a dog and...oh, you're not listening anyway. Oh well. This was a painting specifically commissioned by a client off of craigslist. She actually gave me the job because she liked what she saw on this blog! This blog! Right here! Tell your friends, kids! (and no, the client was not my mom. Although I am working on a piece for her, too.)

Honestly...thank you all *so much* for the support!


ju said...

Wicked sweet magic hen! I'd pay upwards of $100 for it.

quil said...

nice. your stuff is it. i knew you were into writing books, didn't know you illustrated too. killer. no doubt you'll be famous for your flying tortuous. i love turtles...easier to relate with than rock stars. most kids secretly like turtles. i'll pass the buzz around FengYuan that you're famous. tell Preston thanks for the advice. the man's got it right.