Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Team, Your Team

So the game is "My Team, Your Team" and the premise is this: You draw a superhero with awesome superpowers. The world rejoices. Your opponent then creates a superhero with even more awesome superpowers to defeat yours. And so on. Here is a brilliant episode of this awesome game played by yours truly, my sister Michelle and her superhero awesome kid Emily! (age 6!) Explanations below...

1. Superfat man (to sit on his enemies!)
2. Mista Muscle (Muscle weighs more than fat!)
3. Lockwoman (to keep Mista Muscle out of the gym!)
4. Cap'n Runinplace (who needs a gym to exercise?)
5. Super Cryr (preventing exercise at home since birth!)
6. Miss Lullaby (to sing villains to sleep!)
7. Wrong Note Rita (who can sleep to THAT?)
8. Ms. Smack'emintheface (this was Emily's suggestion, Michelle's drawing. Brilliant!!!)
9. Mr. Brickman (because, according to Emily, who slaps a brick?)
10. Third Little Pig ('cause the house gots to git built.)
11. Da Butcher (started as a grandma, ended up a very hairy Italian)
12. SUPERCOWAFRAG (no one butchers the Supercow!!)

And of course, no one beats a Supercowafrag, so Emily was the winner! Woohoo!

(For another version of this by professionals, check out "The Superest" link on the sidebar...nice, but Emily would take 'em all down for sure. Did I mention this kid is an artistic prodigy? She is.)


ju said...

oh. my. awesome.

how could the girl not be an art prodiginogeny with you as an ant? i mean aunt!

Linda said...

this is one of the greatest things I've EVER seen!