Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Great WIP Sketch Swap of 2011! Tada!

In this great wide world of internet friends, you are bound to come across some jaw-droppingly talented people. If you're nice enough, you might even strike up a friendship. And if you're both writers and artists of sorts, you can even get them to read your stories and draw pictures for you.

At my plea, the uber-awesome Adam Heine agreed to do just such a swap with me. He's a writer, an artist, a video game designer, world creator, father of ten and all around amazing guy. More of him can be seen at his website here: And I seriously recommend spending a few hours over there. He's seriously the coolest.

Adam gave his take and pen to one of my main characters, Miss Hannah P. Bartleby. The description by me: "despite her high faulting society ties, Hannah a bit of a mess in the beauty department. She's young, age 16, but six feet tall, somewhat heavy (at least enough to be mocked by her schoolmates) dark hair, dark skin and almond eyes (kinda Pacific Islander in looks). She comes from what I guess could be classified as a Victorian like society (steampunkish, might say) but carries, at one point , a grappling hook for her daily dueling needs."

And lo, this comes back to me. Isn't she absolutely GRAND?

In turn, I lent my pen to Ren, one of Adam's characters. The description: "He's 43, dark skin, horseshoe mustache, 7 feet tall (or close enough as doesn't matter). He's loyal to his friends, and a strict but concerned caretaker. The left side of his face is severely scarred, like it was chewed up or dropped in acid. Ex-special forces, now works mostly as a machinist (kinda like a blacksmith crossed with a know, steampunk) either on the ground or aboard airships. His preferred weapon is the aforementioned Really Big Sledgehammer."

Good heavens, this was fun. Yay steampunk, yay characters, yay WIP Sketch Swaps, and yay for Adam!

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