Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 88: Five minute Twitter Sketches!

Once in a while I'll go to Twitter and ask for a few sketching ideas. As always, Twitter did not disappoint today!

First for @acherrix, who suggested "Flying pigs!" (and later dubbed this Top Swine)

Next for @natattack, who asked for a corpus callosum (which she had to explain as well) (Google it, this'll make sense, I swear. Maybe.)

Then @CaraMiaAmore suggested "Dancing Kangaroos!" I've recently watched Back to the Future, yes. Why do you ask?

Dear friend @keri_726 asked for something Halloweenie, like ghosts and pumpkin mans at a party. It got dark.

And last, @goshmiller requested monkeys (my favorite verb) popcorn. Debating came to mind...mostly because I just wanted to use the phrase Simian vs. Snack. Ah man, I could have done battling! Ugh. Next time.

Thanks again for the inspiration, guys! This is always super fun for me.

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