Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 169: Mreow pffpt

wadooo....wenya eh....(wenya)


dance all day said...

we LOVE your lion that you drawlled....I think the eyes are my favorite. It reminds me of the girl on Lion King :) we love you and.....thats it. mom! don't type "thats it!" in....MOM! what are you doing? stop spelling everything I say! - fine..... with love, Avery

Jolee B. said...

I am so glad that you typed out the singing of Lion King! :) While the drawing is good, the typing is the best part! haha!

K. Marie Criddle said...

AVERY! I'm so happy you liked it! Remember, you can email me anytime and tell me what you want me to draw and I'll try to put it up here just for YOU! Love you boocoodles!

Jolee - Ha!! I'm so glad it didn't come across as jibberish...not that I'm beyond writing jibberish, really. :D