Tuesday, June 5, 2012


It's been almost 300 days of drawing and my creative spring needs a bit of replenishing. For the last stretch of the year, I'm looking for things to draw that I might not think of myself or I might be a little too intimidated to try. Why yes I AM feeling a little masochistic right now! Why do you ask?

So! Any requests? Please leave them in the comments below! (But I reserve the right to add a unicorn into ANYTHING.)

Thanks for sticking through with me, guys. I really really REALLY appreciate your support!


Jolee B. said...

Um, you know you have to draw an airplane now, right?! You said anything that you "might be a little too intimidated to try." It's really only fair. You can even put the unicorn as pilot if you want. But I want an airplane! :) And a picture of me. And more adventures from the summer kids. But mostly an airplane.

Anonymous said...

Three words:

You could start with Og and Halliday...I'm thinking the high school years :)

Adam Heine said...

Now that Anonymous has asked for fan art, I can't think of anything else:

Sokka meets a unicorn.
Toff as the Incredible Hulk.
Aang buzzes an airplane :-)

Free Ice Cream said...

-Killer Whale
-Something kids can color while their parents are getting their taxes done at H&R Block
-Darth Vader and Jean Luke Picard
-Something from KOTOR
-More Summer kids so you can make a coloring book for parents to buy on etsy.
-Birth of the Firebringer Unicorn with cool colors.

Adam Heine said...


Anonymous said...

Dude. Not only am I charmed that Adam up there remember my battlecorn ref from a week or so ago :) but HECK YEAH! Battlecorns! A whole bad a$$ heard of them. They storm beaches! They fly in formation! Like Top Gun? "Battlecorns, this school is about combat...there are no points for second place..." (cue Kenny Loggins).

K. Marie Criddle said...

Oh my gosh, you guys are amazing. I am well stocked up for months!

I'm so going to draw the crap out of an airplane. (cue Rocky music) I can DO THIS.

Jolee B. said...

Yes you can! That's the spirit! :)
And also, I'd totally buy that coloring book. Make it happen.