Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ho ho blub blub ho

I think one of the great things about having kids is all the chances we get to glean weird, creative ideas from them.

"Mom, you drawing Santa?"
"NO! Draw a mermaid! Mermaid Santa!"
"I will do as you say, tiny warlord."

And for her coloring pleasure (because that's the whole point of having a mom draw stuff):

Check out all the Santas this week over at Anthdrawlogy!


Jolee B. said...

Love it!

Kristan Hoffman said...

Weird and wonderful. :)

K. Marie Criddle said...

Thanks, guys! :D

Bulfinch's Sociology said...

Your daughter is going to have an unrealistic understanding of artists' willingness to change their work to suit her.

P. Criddy said...

Ha! It's true. Although her strongly worded letter to Monet regarding his color palette DID go completely ignored last month.

P. Criddy said...

That was meant to come from Marie, not P. Criddy.