Saturday, December 15, 2012


It's Sleipnir! You can either chalk this one up to snorkjuice or read my Christmas-y explanation over at Anthdrawlogy.

And yay for all of Anthdrawlogy's reindeer!


Anonymous said...

Oh, now this guy would stick out like a sore thumb at Camp Battlecorn. While he exhibits much athletic prowess, I do fear that Sergeant Sharphorn would think him a bit of a dandy. He's like the Kemal Pamuk of Camp Battlecorn, no? This one is going up in the office gallery, stat!

K. Marie Criddle said...

Yay yay!! Slippy would love to be on the wall, dandy dead Turk tendencies notwithstanding. Sgt. Sharphorn can just uncrink his tail and accept it! :)

Free Ice Cream said...

I heard Oden and his 8 legged horse referenced in a Christmas special about the history of Christmas. Odens got an eight-legged horse in Thor, did you notice? Why aren't you online?

Free Ice Cream said...

Best Christmas Card ever. So glad I have a 4 year old to color it. Lots of Love Merry Christmas!