Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Here and back again!

Oh crud, has it really been since November since I posted? I'm pleased to say that really fun things are keeping my interest: I've started a business painting custom kokeshi dolls (check it out on Facebook and/or Etsy) and it's kept me crazy and delightfully busy for the past two months. But! That doesn't stop me from putting pen to paper from time to time. I've got a great new project spinning wheels in my peanut butter head (as one may see above) and more on the way.

Also! Anthdrawlogy is up and running again! Stop by for a healthy dose of kaiju this month.

And how have YOU been, by the way? I've missed you. We never get to talk anymore.


Jolee B. said...

Hooray! I love anthdrawlogy! And you! :)

K. Marie Criddle said...

I love you too, Jolee!! And congratulations on the new stinking cute bebe!