Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 11: Matrose Mond

When I was a wee bitty teen, I LOVED fanfiction. Highlander, Sailor Moon, Star Trek, Star Wars and, quite possibly my favorite, Star Trek/Star Wars crossovers complete with added MST3K riffing (20 years later and this still holds up as a solid, hilarious read).

Anywaaaaaays, where was I going...yes, Sailor Moon fanfics! One that stood out most was a series of SM stories but set in Nazi Germany. Oh, but not just any Nazi Germany...the year 1994 if the Nazis has won the war. So edgy, so trippy. So weird. So fabulous. Sailor Moon was a little tougher and a little scruffier and the Negaverse was a lot more menacing. I wish I could find those again. I wonder if the guy ever finished the series.

So, here's Matrose Mond. Macht der Mondnebel, Macht auf!!

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David H. Olivier said...

I'm gratified to know that you enjoyed my - still incomplete! - work. I had completed up to Chapter 14, and most of Chapter 15 is also done. I know where it is supposed to go but haven't had much time to get it there.

I can be reached at, if you're interested in knowing where it has got so far. It may even motivate me to finish the darn thing.

All the best,
David H. Olivier