Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 41: Jedi Master Tiffany

So, Anthdrawlogy is starting a month long celebration of Star Wars over at our group blog...wahoo! It's also our 100th topic (going strong over 3 years!) and we're going all out. Check out what posted now...then come back later to see more. Like I said, going all month!

This is Jedi Master Tiffany. She left her sorority to pursue Jedi training but really pines for her pledgies. Even though she's one with the force and all, she can still spice up those drab robes and make a padawan look absolutely FAB-awan.

And YES. Of course her blade is hot pink.


P. Criddy said...

FAB-awan. I see what you did there and I LOVE it! Great illustration. I love how you are venturing in the realm of the moving pictograph.

B/J Thompson said...

Moving pics! I love it….