Monday, December 1, 2014

Day 81: He sees you when you're slacking...

So I really tried to not take a break this year of daily drawings (I sure as heck took them fast and furious last time) but the end of November got nuts all of a sudden and I needed a breather. But! We're back on track and as you can see, the dolls are still monopolizing the brunt of my create-o-time. Which is great! Dolls mean work! Work means someone likes my art enough to give me something for it! What more validation can I ask for, honestly?

Here's Santa! I sent off another one of these a few days ago and in my hastily typed note, I accidentally wrote: "Thank you for your purchase! Satan is on his way." Better watch out, indeed!


Free Ice Cream said...

Ahhh. Satan!
Gives Santa a sinister look.

B/J Thompson said...

That's hilarious!