Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Oooh, butterflies!

I'm back! (echo...echo...)
Hello? (echo echo echoooo...)
Huh, I guess no one's there anymore. Oh well. Too bad, suckas, cause I've got something awesome to share. My niece Emily is one mad talented artist (her creative genius chronicled previously on this blog here) and she just sent me an example of not only her tracing, drawing and coloring skills, but also her story-telling abilities. Click on the pictures for a larger view:

(I think I'm the fairy who likes yellow, which is alright with moi.) Amazing, is she not? And no backwards "E"s at all! A fairly fairy prodigy. I'm so proud of own forthcoming kids have a lot to live up to. And no (for the third time, Mom) that's not a pregnancy announcement.

Much love, people. Thanks for looking.


Free Ice Cream said...

What a great looking picture! What a story. She spells like I do, which is so cool for a 1st grader, not so cool for a grown women. Nice going Emily!!!

The Taco (Prison Rules) said...

I'm still here, and need some entertainment. Lets get some more posts going, shall we?

ju said...

dude, judy, marie is totally, way totally pregnant and um...she's also taken up smoking...and uh, other bad things. i think you need to come out here and visit, er, whip her back into shape.